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The Registrar of Companies uses a digital certificate from Bermuda-based
QuoVadis Limited on its website to:

- Provide SSL encryption and privacy for our users
- Authenticate that the website is the correct Registrar of
Companies site

To enable the use of this security, users must "trust" QuoVadis in the
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For more information or assistance for this Internet service, call our support line during business hours 441-297-7530 or email

Office Mailing Address

Registrar of Companies
Government Administration Building
30 Parliament Street
Hamilton HM HX

Phone: 441-297-7530
Fax: 441-292-6640

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Mission Statement  

Bermuda's international and domestic businesses ("the industry") are major contributors to Bermuda's economy. THE REGISTRAR OF COMPANIES DEPARTMENT plays a significant role in the management and daily operation of the industry, and therefore has a responsibility to all Bermudians for the industry's success.
THE REGISTRAR OF COMPANIES DEPARTMENT is committed to the continued success of the industry, especially considering the mounting challenges from our competitors. Accordingly, we are committed to the sound regulation of the industry and the delivery of efficient and effective service, emphasising a client centered approach.
THE REGISTRAR OF COMPANIES DEPARTMENT is committed to maintaining an organisational culture of continual improvement, especially in the areas of: public and inter-personal relations; professional development for staff; and the use of computer technology.