About the Archives 

As the official repository of the records of the Government of Bermuda, the Bermuda Archives safeguards and makes accessible the important documents of modern administrations, as well as those of the past.

We encourage you to visit the Bermuda Archives and explore the varied resources held in trust for present and future generations.


Spanning almost 400 years, the Bermuda Archives' holdings consist of the permanent and historic records of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the Bermuda Government. The Bermuda Archives also collects private papers relating to Bermuda, which are donated by private organizations, institutions and members of the public.

The Bermuda Archives comprises a variety of formats, including paper records, original manuscripts, maps, plans, charts, photographs, documentary art, video and sound recordings. The Bermuda Archives holds probated wills from 1618 to 1974. For probated wills dated after 1974, please contact the Registry of the Supreme Court, 441-292-1350.

The Bermuda Archives does not hold current deeds. For deeds and land transfers please contact the Registry General. The Bermuda Archives does not hold the civil records of births, deaths and marriages. For births, deaths and marriages from 1866, please contact the Registry General.

Reference Enquiries

The Bermuda Archives will answer basic reference enquires by email. We can spend up to 30 minutes attempting to identify or verify relevant archives and, if possible, supply you with information from these records.

Visiting Researchers

The Bermuda Archives provides Reading Room access. Readers will be required to register prior to beginning their research and must adhere to all policies and procedures as set by the Bermuda Archives. Please contact the Bermuda Archives directly for clarification on the policies and procedures.  

The Bermuda Archives staff offers guidance in the use of its specialized finding aids, catalogues, and indexes. Photocopies and microfilm copies of archival documents are available upon request. (Fees will apply.)

The use of digital cameras is encouraged for most fair use reproduction. However, copyright and other restrictions do apply to some collections.

Certified copies of public and judicial records may be obtained for legal purposes.

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Government Administration Building
30 Parliament Street
Hamilton, HM 12, Bermuda

Operating Hours

8:45 AM to 4:45 PM
Closed during public holidays and weekends

T. 1-441-297-7737

About the Records Center

The Bermuda Government Records Center is the repository for semi-current documents. Government Departments may deposit records there and those records are only accessible by the Department which deposited them.