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To work with departments and Ministries to identify and progress opportunities for the creation and deployment of online content, transactions, systems and services that meet the needs of government, citizens, businesses and the voluntary sector.

Primary Objectives

  • Provide a swift, stable and secure portal.
  • Provide web development, content publishing and project consulting services to Departments.
  • Measure and communicate the satisfaction and usage of Government services to Departments.
  • Assist departments with documenting and improving business processes.
  • Assist departments in denfining and developing e-technology solutions.


Key Projects and Initiatives

Web Sites/ Gov. Portal

E-Gov can build, modify or advise you on Web Site Dev. and upgrades, especially in ensuring compatibility with the major capital project now underway to replace the Govt. portal.

Knowledge base

E-Gov have a searchable FAQ engine that you can link to your website, providing answers to the publics most common questions on-line, 24 hrs/day

Business Process Workshops

E-Gov now offer Business Process workshops so you can be trained & guided to enhance your own business processes. Most of the other service improvements that E-Gov can help you with will require you to at minimum tweak your business processes to gain the expected benefits.

Surveys/Feedback Forms

E-Gov run random public MTI surveys 4 times per year, with optional participation. This gives you both a public satisfaction score for your services and their likes, dislikes & suggested improvements. We can also help you create customer or staff feedback forms & on-line surveys via Survey Monkey.

Benchmarks (Gartner)

E-Gov currently subscribe to an advisory service of Gartner. We can access their research database to find the latest developments on modern technologies and their use in both the public & private sector. Half-hour conference calls can be arranged with a subject matter expert in the area you need.


E-Gov can assist you in putting application forms for your services etc. on-line, so these can be completed remotely by the public without the need for personal interaction.

Information Co-ordination

E-Gov can advise you on the establishment of a part-time position within your department of an Information Coordinator. This person would be the primary contact for E-Government for any issues related to data content (for the web or FAQs). The Information Coordinator would be charged with the responsibility for keeping all your data & information that is on-line & available to the public as web content or FAQs, current and in a useful easily understandable format for the public, businesses or internal users

4DX- Four Disciplines of Execution

A simple methodology for implementing change that comes from the same company that created 7-HABITS (a very common management course). The next slide highights how complimentary this is with MTI & the Health Dept have been using KPI-1 the Public Satisfaction Tracker (PST) as their initial Wildly Important Goal (WIG). The WIG set was to rise from 52% & beat 70% Public Satisfaction by the end of the year. Using the MTI/4DX combination they had achieved this after only 9 months – in September, attaining a satisfaction score of 78% (a 26% rise – equaling the record set by L&T and DOS!)

Data Mining

Defined as "search for hidden information to locate previously unknown patterns and relationships within data" & extracting INSIGHT of relevance to current issues or Departmental objectives.


E-Gov can also assist you in accepting electronic payments for your services etc. on-line, so these can be completed remotely by the public without the need for personal interaction. These can be via Bank transfer or credit /debit card, but will also need to involve ACG & a new business process.

Service Level Agreements (SLA's)

E-Gov can assist you to create SLAs with both your customers (internal & external) e.g. 48hr response to a query or 7 day turnaround of applications and then with your suppliers to support your these customer SLAs .

Key Performance Indicators

These are considered essential measurements of the effectiveness of your processes, which will be lead indicators of whether you are likely to meet your SLAs or output measures (e.g. average time to answer phone may be a lead indicator of customer satisfaction or number of times another Gov. dept meets their SLA to provide info to you, could be a lead indicator of whether you meet your customer SLA for delivery of the final service.

Market Map

A special form of the MTI survey designed for those depts. with competing services to the private sector. Giving you information on the publics likes & dislikes of their services, the market share & helping you create a marketing plan.

Focus Groups

E-Gov can advise you on the use of Focus Groups where you or a third party interview your clients or a x-section of the public to further explore shortcomings or proposed improvements to your services. Our MTI surveys include the question: "can we contact you " – so you can pre-select those with the most interesting comments in the feedback.

Customer Journey Maps

E-Gov can assist you in not only objective (e.g. number of customers and subjective measures (surveys measuring overall satisfaction ) but also the gathering of more granular detail of customers feelings and opinions during a business process. This is called a journey map and if used in conjunction with business process mapping , KPIs & SLAs it can be used to pinpoint bottlenecks or "pain-points" within the process, that would otherwise have been missed by just looking at the eventual outcomes. This is a very useful method for turning average service into exceptional service.

Mystery Shopper

E-Gov can assist you in the process for using "Mystery Shoppers" to gain further insight into your service. This is basically someone hired by you to pretend to be a customer, who could then give you feedback on both your staff & the process (maybe completing a journey map).

Crowd Sourcing

"Crowdsourcing is an approach to public problem-solving that uses online tools to break a problem down into manageable tasks and engages people to voluntarily help produce those tasks. "

Online Collaboration Tools

E-Gov use a variety of cloud-based collaboration tools for sharing information and automating and speeding up processes and these can be shared with your department, if you are not already using them. Current examples are: YAMMER; HUDDLE (both for multiple people in different areas to share documents and jointly develop a design, business case, budget etc.); SURVEY MONKEY (to easily perform electronic surveys or gather information that is automatically processed and available on-line to multiple areas); BASECAMP (for simple project management); DROP BOX (for large data storage in the cloud for easy sharing by others internal or external to govt). SHAREPOINT is also a candidate.

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