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Thank you for visiting the Human Rights Commission (HRC) website.  Our site is currently being updated - we look forward to launching our new and improved site shortly! Please feel free to call our offices for more information # 295-5859.

Thank you , the HRC team.

Simply put, the Commission's business is to make the Bermudian Human Rights Act work for the benefit of all Bermudians.  There are three main aspects to its work:

    * To provide effective and timely means for resolving individual complaints
    * To promote knowledge of human rights in Bermuda and to encourage people to follow principles of equality; and
    * To help reduce barriers to equality in employment and access to services

By world standards, Bermuda is a country that respects and protects its citizens' human rights. In 1981, Parliament passed the Human Rights Act.  The Commission began its work shortly thereafter. The purpose of the Act is to ensure equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination.  The idea behind the Act is that people should not be placed at a disadvantage simply because of their disability, sex, race or any other ground covered by the Act. That is discrimination and is against the law.

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